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Here at the home of willow I work with natures beauty to create a unique healing therapy personalised to each individuals needs. Crystals are not only amazingly beautiful, they also provide us with earthly energies that when correlated with our personal vibrations can provide a simplistic holistic healing.

I Like to focus on a whole person, the emotional,  physical and spiritual being. I feel that when one of our "centres" is struggling this can have a knock on effect and then becomes not only a "emotional" problem but is now also a "physical" issue.

As an empath I find it easy to tune into energies and soon determine what is "going on" for my clients at this time. It is with this I can then advise the best energy healing or crystal they will benefit from connecting with.

 After a consultation either over the phone, messenger or email I will be in a position to then offer either palm stones for meditation, one of my bespoke crystal pendants or a medicine bag. I will also do home visits for a hands on crystal therapy with a pendant to finish off the session.




Crystal Consultations and Pendants

Book your crystal consultation and discover what energies you are lacking in your life! I will help you discover the inner you and show you how to move forward with the difficult issues blocking your true life path.
Once you've booked,I will email you to discuss a date and time that suits.

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